WakeMeHere - a location based alarm-clock

Have you ever wished to nap in public transportation without spending thoughts on when to get out?

Just set the location where you want to be woken up.

WakeMeHere does everything else!

It’s easy and beautiful!

WakeMeHere has an intuitive user interface which looks and feels good.

Setting up a wake location is just a manner of seconds.

Retina compatible? Of course!

Just touch it!

Touch and hold the map in order to set a wake location.

Touch and drag the red circle to scale the radius.

And if you don’t like the position of the pin, just touch it again.

Or search for it!

WakeMeHere searches for locations in three different places:

  • Google Maps online search
  • your favorite locations
  • the last wake locations you have used


Save locations in your favorites to reuse them later.

Rename locations to give them clear names.

This makes setting up a wake location quick and easy!

Just relax!

After you did set up your wake location WakeMeHere will track your position and alert you as soon as you enter the red wake radius.

Do something else with your iPhone or lock the screen and put it into your pocket.

WakeMeHere takes care of you!

Available in the AppStore
0.99 $


  • Fast and easy to use
  • Accurate location tracking
  • Intuitive drag & drop wake up location and radius setting
  • Save your favorite wake locations
  • Beautiful retina compatible interface
  • Full multitasking capability


  • if you you are a frequent traveler and would like to recover on your way home from university or work
  • if you do not want to wake up at the final stop when getting home from a nice party
  • if you like reading or listening to your favorite music without having to think about when to exit your train


Do you have ideas or whishes for new features? Perhaps you found a bug or the usage could be simpler.

When you're unsatisfied with WakeMeHere in any way, don't just tell it the AppStore - tell it me!